Ta Kola Windmill

Situated half way between Ggantija Temples and the village square and visible far and wide, il-Mithna ta’ Kola or Kola’s Windmill is a typical Gozo windmill, of which there were at least fourteen. Built in 1725, it is still in a dirking condition. Designed on the same plan of contemporary mills, it consists of a quadrangular building erected round and incorporating a circular tower about fifteen metres high and three metres in diameter. During the grim years of the bond World War when the Axis blockaded Malta, this windmill was put into good use saving many people from starvation. It has defied the march of times and the substitution of wind power by steam and electricity and still stands as a monument to the hard working millers of past and recent times. Its last miller was a certain Guzepp Grech, who died at the age of eighty seven in 1987. After his demise, the place was restored and a folklore museum, set up in the miller’s rooms, was inaugurated on 6 September 1992.

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