Gozo Stone Circle

About half way between Santa Verna and Ggantija temples, on Triq il-Qacca, there is another prehistoric site of great importance, the Tal-Qacca Hypogeum or the Gozo Stone Circle.

The cleaning of the site had also been initiated by John Otto-Bayer but it was never concluded and the site was converted again into arable land. It was rediscovered by Xaghra-born Joseph Attard-Tabone, who was also instrumental for its excavation between 1987 and 1994. He is the authority on prehistoric Gozo and according to him the sight might more accurately be referred to as Hypogeum, the necropolis of the Temple builders . The excavated area is protected by sandbags and the place is not accessible.

The area was first used in the early Temple period (4100-3800 BC) and, at a later stage , it was enclosed by the megalitic circle. This must have been more than 120 metres in circumference of which only a stretch of about 26 metres survives consisting of uprights two metres high and one metre wide on average.

The site consists of a series of natural cavities of various sizes adapted for burials. The excavations produced new knowledge of the funerary customs of the prehistoric people of the Maltese Islands. It also produced unique and exciting artifacts, such as stone axes, personal ornaments, and statuettes. The most interesting discovery was of two finely carved stone figures on a couch portraying a pair of obese, probably female, figures seated side by side. Another Important discovery was of a symbolic family group, perhaps deities.

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