Calpso Cave

L-Ghar ta’ Kalipso or Calypso Cave, overlooking the fantastic sandy bay of Ir-Ramla, is the legendary quarters if the nymph Calypso. According to the Odyssey, an ancient Greek poem attributed to Homer who flourished in the ninth century BC, when Ulysses was returning from Troy to Ithaca after the Trojan war, he was shipwrecked on Ogygia, the island of Calypso. The shipwreck occurred after Ulysses and his companions left the Island of the Sun or Sicily and drifted southwards from the Straits of Messina for nine days. As the island closest to Sicily in that direction is Gozo, Ogygia is identified with Gozo.

For centuries this cave at ix-Xaghra has been pointed out as the abode of the nymph who succeeded in bewitching Ulysses and in keeping him on her island for seven whole years.Fact or fiction, one thing is certain: the beautiful views of the fertile Wied ir-Ramla that stretches below the cave and flows onto the bay certainly bewitches thousands on this day. There is hardly anything to see inside the cave.

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