Deputy Mayor Aaron Agius (PL)

Name: Aaron Agius

Address: “Goldfinch”, Għajn Qamar Street, Xagħra Gozo

Profession: Technical Engineer in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


Primary: Xagħra Primary School

Secondary: Ninu Cremona Secondary School, Victoria

Post Secondary: Technical Institute, Paola Malta

Tertiary: University of Malta where he qualified as a technical engineer in air conditioning and refrigeration.


Aaron is involved in various social and cultural organisations amongst them the organisation “Il-Milied fix-Xagħra” (Christmas in Xagħra). As a member of this group, he contributes and participates in various meetings held for children about the construction of cribs using different materials. For the past ten years, Aaron constructed a private crib which was exhibited to the general public annually during the Christmas festivities. In 2010, he was chosen to exhibit his crib at the Banca Giuratale in Victoria.

Aaron Agius participates in various religious activities like pageants and other manifestations which are organised by the Xagħra Parish Church.

In 2012, Aaron contested the elections for the Xagħra Local Council for the first time (on behalf of the Malta Labour Party) and was elected to serve as Deputy Mayor of Xagħra.

Telephone number: 21 553159

Mobile number: 79420486

E-mail address:

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