The administration

To be able to better serve its function as a one stop shop where residents can benefit from the services offered by the Council, the Council has engaged three clerical employees who are the Executive Secretary and two Assistant Principals. They work on a full time basis in the administrative office and are the officers in charge with receiving complaints of residents and execute the decisions taken at meetings of the Council – decisions are taken by the Councillors who are elected democratically from among the Xaghra electorate.

The Secretary is the executive, administrative and financial head of the Council. The Secretary shall issue all notices, prepare the agenda in consultation with the Mayor and attends all Council meetings, record the minutes of Council meetings, submit a detailed annual administrative report; he is given the estimates of income and expenditure of the Council during the forthcoming financial year and perform such other duties as may be entrusted or delegated to him by the Mayor or Council. The Executive Secretary of the Xagħra Local Council is Mr. Ivan Attard. He has been engaged with the Council since 17th November 2008. Between 2008 and 2011, he was the Executive Officer of the Council. In November 2011, he was appointed Assistant Principal and on 1st July 2013, he was appointed Deputy Executive Secretary. On 25th March 2014, the Minister for Tourism Hon. Carmelo Vella appointed Mr. Ivan Attard as the new Executive Secretary of Xaghra Local Council. 

The Assistant Principal of the Council is Mrs Josephine Sultana. She has been engaged with the Council of Xaghra since 2 January 1995. Ms Sultana is principally responsible for administering the Public Library ‘Fr Gigi Camilleri SJ’.

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