Councilor Dr. Kevin Cutajar LLD (PN)

Name: Kevin Cutajar

Address of residence/office: Mayflower Road, Michael Farrugia, Xaghra

GVTH Advocates, 192, Old Bakery Street, Valletta

Profession: Advocate


Primary (Patri Mattew Sultana)
Secondary Junior Lyceum (Liceo Ninu Cremona)
Post-Secondary (Sir Michelang Refalo)
Tertiary (University of Malta)

Experiences over the years:

In the past:
December 1996

Oasi ‘Youth of the Year’award
October 1998 – June 1999
member of the National Youth Council
February 1998 – May 2006
representative of University Students Council (KSU) on the Board of the Special Needs at the University
March 2001 – February 2007
founder and PRO of the Gozo Aid for Visually impaired (GAVI)
March 2002 – July 2005
board member of Independent Living Transportation Foundation
August 2003 – January 2007
PRO on the council of the Gozo NGOs Association

December 2003 –
founder and president of the Federation for Gozitan people with disability

March 2005 – January 2007
Responsible officer in the EU-desk of the Malta Federation of Organisations representing Persons with Special Needs
January 2007 – January 2009
Vice president of the Malta Federation of Disabled Persons’ Organisations

At present:
February 2007 –

International secretary of the Gozo Aid for Visually impaired (GAVI)
March 2007 –
Xaghra Local Council Councillor and activist of the Nationalist Party (PN).

Telephone / Mobile number: 21 551455 / 79 069722


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