Resignation of Dr. Joseph Attard LLD from a local councilor at Ix-Xagħra Local Council

The Xagħra Local Council would like to notify that Dr. Joseph Attard LLD has tendered his resignation from a local councilor with effect from 18th January 2017.

Dr. Joseph Attard was elected for the first time as Local Councilor at Ix-Xagħra Local Council on behalf of the Nationalist Party in the election held in March 2012 and was re-elected for the second consecutive time in the election held in April 2015. He served as minority leader in the sixth and seventh legislature of the Council.

The Xagħra Local Council would like to wish all success to Dr. Joseph Attard in his career. In the meantime, the Electoral Commission was informed about this vacancy so that the electoral process to elect a new candidate instead of Dr. Attard will kick off.